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Vegan Yoga Towels Made From Recycled Plastic, Orissa

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LÉGER towels are 1.5mm thick and made of 2 different surfaces: a soft ultra absorbant vegan suede on the top, and a dense felt-like fabric at the back for support and moisture wick properties.  Quick-drying, compact and lightweight.

Each towel is made from 12 to 18 plastic bottles that are prevented from going in our oceans and landfills.  The towel itself is also 100% re-recyclable and can be reused.

The rich purple red color of Orissa signifies prosperity and abundance. The design is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura - the awakening of personal power and creative & transformative energy.

66 x 180 cm

80% recycled polyester, 20% nylon

This towel is design for yoga, pilates & barre. The surface is suede-like, yet grippy, it's sand-free and absorbent, perfect to supplement your yoga mat or to use as a travel mat.


Note the color in the picture is slightly more vibrant, as the fabric reacts to natural lights differently.

  • 📍 ORIGIN
    Founded in Hong Kong.
    Originally crowdfunded on SparkRaise.

    - Made with recycled plastic bottles
    - Recyclable
    - Reusable
    - 1% of profits donated to Plastic Oceans

    ♻️ END OF LIFE
    - 100% Recyclable
    - Reusable

    Made from 80% recycled polyester and 20% polyester. Recycled polyester is made from pulled yarn made from plastic.


    Recycled fabric consumes 72% less water and 56% less energy than its counterpart made from non recycled fabrics.

    Hand or machine wash. Quick drying.

    Shipped worldwide from our warehouse in Hong Kong.


    LÉGER is a lifestyle brand and eco-conscious label based in Hong Kong. They partner with Artists around the world to create Limited Edition Yoga towels made from sustainable materials.

    LÉGER means light or lightweight, in French. The inspiration comes from the feeling of freedom and consciousness after a yoga practice - the moment we allow ourselves to be truly present and aware of the now.

    LÉGER towels were born from a need to have a performant and better product for our planet. LÉGER believes everyone of us has the obligation to consume sustainably. We cannot continue to ignore the environmental issues we are facing. We must take responsibility.

    1% of all LÉGER profits are donated to Plastic Oceans.

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