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Anvi Candles

Magical Healing Crystal Soy Wax Candle - LOVE

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100% certified Organic Soy Wax Handmade Candle. This beautifully crafted candle is infused with Sage, Palo Santo, Himalayan pink sea salts, Pure Essential oils and Magical charged crystals to purify your home while surrounding your space with positive energy.

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone
Benefits: Great for relationships, new beginnings and family. Focusing on communication as the best way to resolve conflict.


Each 12oz. candle has been blessed to spread light and love.

Soy wax used is 100% organic certified - which can also be used as body balm.

    - 100% certified Organic Soy wax
    - Zero plastic

    - Female founded small business

    ♻️ END OF LIFE
    Case is recyclable or re-usable

    100% certified Organic Soy Wax
    Healing crystals
    Sage, Palo Santo, Himalayan pink sea salts, Pure Essential oils

    Shipped worldwide from our warehouse in Hong Kong.

  • Anvi Candles

    With a motto to bring joy to every home, this local Hong Kong business creates beautiful Crystal Healing soy wax candles, where the charged crystals aid healing from the inside and generating positive energy.

    β€œAnvi literally means Goddess”, explains founder, Jhanvi Panjabi. β€œI started this brand to salute the Goddess in each of us by creating a line of organic healing products. I have always believed in the power of crystals as well as the Universe so the candles were a natural attraction. Each candle has been infused with specific charged crystals while also including powerful cleansing herbs like sage, palo santo, organic Himalayan pink salt and cinnamon. These are all consciously combined with the intention of growing spiritually together, as a community.”

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