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Mind Body Spirit (Love) Gift Box

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This gorgeous Mind-Body-Spirit gift set comprising a scented candle, beach towel, coffee and set of Hong Kong adventure maps is everything you need to get through the latest twists of the pandemic!

Supporting local small businesses and nonprofits, there's no better way to show your love...

💡 MIND: Nurture the Mind with a 🕯️ Healing Crystal Organic Soy Wax candle from Anvi & set of 🇭🇰 8 Hong Kong neighbourhood discovery maps with explorer app from local nonprofit #iDiscover.

🤸‍♀️ BODY: Protect the Body and the 🌊 ocean, with a Leger towel and activity mat, made from recycled plastic bottles.

🧘 SPIRIT: Complete the moment by kindling the Spirit of kindness and helping people experiencing homelessness with ☕ #kindnessmatters House Blend Coffee, created by local nonprofit #impacthk.