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Rooftop Republic

Ceramic Microgreens Grow Kit

Ceramic Microgreens Grow Kit

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Grow delicious and nutrient-packed microgreens at home with this curated Microgreens Grow Kit. This grow kit has everything you need to grow organic microgreens indoors year-round in a decorative ceramic growing tray.

The Ceramic Microgreens Grow Kit include:  

  • White ceramic growing pot (D15.5cm x H4cm)
  • Four types of microgreens seeds, non-GMO
  • Potting Soil
  • Plant Tags
  • Spray Bottle
  • Rooftop Republic's microgreens growing instructions

Enough materials for you to grow at least 3 trays of delicious, organic microgreens! You can continue reusing the soil, growing tray, and spray bottle; simply repurchase more microgreens seeds.

Perfect for indoor growing, in a sunny spot.  Harvest within 7-14 days.

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Let's get ethikaal


Ethical Features

- Grow your own at home
- No need for supermarket packaging

Social enterprise

Reuse ceramic dish and gift bag


Re-usable bag


The ceramic microgreens growing tray has a diameter of 15.5cm and a height of 4cm


Shipped worldwide from our warehouse in Hong Kong.

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Rooftop Republic

Rooftop Republic is an award-winning social enterprise committed to creating sustainable cities and communities powered by urban farming.

Rooftop Republic is passionate about introducing others to the joys of urban farming, cultivating a greater awareness of sustainable living practices, and empowering our community to grow delicious and nutritious food in any space - from small residential balconies to large commercial areas. They deliver high-quality farm set-up and management services, and engage the community through interactive events and workshops. This innovative approach emphasises producing food that is as healthy for our bodies to eat as it is for the earth to grow.

By integrating urban farming into our city's lifestyle, Rooftop Republic is helping to shape a healthier future for our people and our planet.

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