At ethikaal we handpick products which will change lives!



We select products that are made by, or donate to, charities or social enterprises that are working to improve the lives of others.  We only support fair labour which works to provide equal opportunities, fair wages and safe working conditions.



We care about the planet too.  Our brands are committed to using materials which will be kind to the environment.  This could be re-purposing waste, clean manufacturing or carefully selecting eco-friendly, sustainable materials to bring you products that are beautiful for the planet and for you!


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We are inspired by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) which address global challenges from poverty and climate change to issues critical for human development such as access to clean water, quality education, reducing inequalities, peace, justice and sustainable production and consumption.

For each of our products, we will let you know which UN SDGs these are helping to achieve.