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Collection: The Impact Box


The Impact Box is Hong Kong's gift box for the Global Goals.

The box features terrific local and international brands, nonprofits and is packaged on an SDG theme.

Inspired by the efforts of local changemakers, The Impact Box wants to celebrate those who have worked to make Hong Kong better for all of us.

Mindfully curated by Hong Kong-based SparkRaise (online fundraising platform for impact organizations) and LocalMotion (skills-based volunteering platform).


Brands We Work With (click on the name to learn more)

Anvi Candles >

We love how Anvi aligns with SDG 12. Slowburning, handmade, sustainable soywax candle complete with flower petals and crystals, spreads the love to people and the planet. Unlike palm wax and paraffin, soy is a renewable and biodegradeable resource.

iDiscover >

Vibrant paper neighbourhood maps so you can travel Hong Kong like a local. Hong Kong is a deeply vibrant yet siloed city, home to a wide variety of people and local businesses. One way to understand Hong Kong and the issues confronting its people better is to step outside our comfort zone and explore. We hope that by showcasing other sides of Hong Kong, you will be inspired to think more deeply on SDG 10 (reduced inequalities), and support those featured local businesses which create sustainable products and contribute towards SDG12 (responsible consumption and production).

Through beautifully designed physical maps and an online app, the Hong Kong charity iDiscover inspires us to travel like a local with maps made by locals. From Hong Kong, to Colombo, to Makati iDiscover has mapped heritage neighbourhoods across Asia. We are very pleased to use our maps to support travel with a new focus beyond entertainment. We are pleased to support the SDGs with an adventurous take on learning about our neighbours with the aim of raising awareness of inequalities so we can reduce them (SDG 10) and supporting local businesses offering sustainable products (SDG 12).


Grippy, soft, suede-like towel made from 12 plastic bottles diverted from landfill. The ultimate upcycling of disposable plastic which is perfect to use for yoga, pilates, barre or to use as a travel mat.

Senseless Art >

We love a Christmas craft project and we love it even more when our projects are environmentally friendly. This cut out desktop Christmas tree, is a fun easy to assemble project made with paper from sustainably grown paper that can be easily recycled. Senseless Art is the studio from working artist, educator and voice over talent, Rachel Smith. Senseless Art is founded on the principle that everyone should have artistic expression in their lives and not just on big budgets. Rachel favours the use of sustainable materials and is intrigued by the play of light and shadows created by hanging paper and light boxes.

Soap Yummy >

This handmade "so-good-its-almost-edible" soap is made with fair trade shea butter, orange and essential oils and is made without any nasty chemicals. Supports the attainment of SDG 12 through low waste production and plastic free packaging.  Soap Yummy started as a passion project, when Karina Chang discovered the Zero Waste lifestyle. Appalled by the amounts of plastics and nonrecycled packaging in personal care products, Karina decided to develop her own. Her soaps integrate natural food ingredients and are so good to look at and smell so delectable – you will almost want to eat them. But this is not recommended – it is soap!

Soap Yummy contributes to SDG12 by incorporating food-grade plant oils and skin loving food ingredients, leaving out synthetic colours, sulfates, parabens and palm oil. All packaging is able to be recycled.

Soaper Delights >

100% natural vegan rouge, multipurpose, cheek tint and lip balm.  This super effective beauty all rounder supports SDG12 by omitting petroleum, mineral oil and other nasty chemicals . And, of course, all Vegan Rouge is packaged without plastic.

Since 2013, Soaper Delights have been providing gorgeous options for a low impact lifestyle. The company’s future focused values have been aligned with SDG 12 long before the SDGs were even created. They believe that every little step matters for a better earth and take pride in producing products that contribute as little as possible to the global material footprint. This means using vegetable oils, butters, clays, herbal infusions and natural essential oils to create their natural soaps, balms and deodorants. All of their packaging materials are made from recycled or biodegradable materials. Making their products truly low impact is something that Soaper Delights and the Earth can feel great about.

The Impact Box