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Collection: Starfish Project

Starfish began in 2006 as a small group of friends who could no longer simply walk by the women and girls they observed being exploited around their city in Asia. None of them had a business or jewelry design background. What they shared was a desire to restore hope and bring freedom.  

2006: Young girls sitting in windows under the red lights called the team to action. They began by visiting brothels and building relationships with the women and girls they met. As the women began to trust the team, they shared their stories. Many were tricked by people they loved and even sold into brothels. The following year, knowing that leaving the brothel was only the first step in experiencing freedom, the Starfish team launched full force into starting a business that would offer employment to their new friends.

2011: Five years later, Starfish Project had established the only safe house and training facility for women escaping exploitation in this Asian city of over 20 million.  As they continued to grow, they saw the potential for women on the production line to develop careers in fields like photography and accounting. The life transformations were, and still are, incredible! 

Yet, there are still many women and girls in exploitation today. Your purchases are an investment into this powerful mission to see women and girls experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers that will transform lives for generations.

Starfish Project