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Beautiful fair trade products from Africa, including Shea Butter from East Africa and colourful jewellery.  Part profits are donated to provide essentials, including food and re-usable sanitary pads.

Africa has abundant natural resources, but many resources have been exploited and people enslaved from decades of colonization. SAWA believes that if Africa can develop its unique natural and human resources through trade on a fair basis, the products not only can benefit the world, but also create jobs for local people. Africans may live with more abundance and more dignity.

Since 2013, SAWA has engaged in fair trade through discovering beautiful things in Africa and bringing them to Hong Kong people. Products include shea butter from East Africa, to rebuild the post-war economies; Kenyan hand-painted ceramic accessories, to show African artistic colors; hand-made wool felt dolls, to support orphans, widows and refugees.

SAWA donates part of its profits to sustainable development projects in Africa, such as donating food to Ethiopian drought victims and making sanitary pads for girls from the slums who use sex to exchange for sanitary pads. SAWA also donates shea butter products to people in need locally.


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