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Collection: Bahini

Fair trade scarves and masks made by marginalized women, combining a minimalist Swedish design with traditional Nepalese handicraft.  These women now have a new chance at life, with a job, fair pay and good work conditions and for every scarf sold, money is donated educate and empower girls about their future.

Bahini scarves combine a minimalistic Swedish design with the traditional skills of Nepalese handicraft. All scarves are woven in handlooms by women who get a fair pay and good work conditions. The materials and dyes used for the scarves are plant-based and sustainable.

For every scarf sold, Bahini gives back to the community and supports at-risk girls by donating money towards educational scholarships ranging from pre-school to college via the SHE=Precious foundation. Their hope is for every girl to gain strength through education, and find the power to shape their individual futures.