The Story of the Last Ever Toothbrush

The Story of the Last Ever Toothbrush

It all started with two design professionals who, with a passion for preserving the planet, became tired of seeing the oral care category being part of the environmental problem, so applied their design skills to help create a solution.

It’s a throwaway society

Currently, 3.5 billion toothbrushes are thrown away each year worldwide, and more than 99% are non-biodegradable.  In fact, every single plastic toothbrush you have ever used is still in existence, either in landfill or floating somewhere in the ocean.

The toothbrush is a day-to-day item, often overlooked in the bathroom.  By insisting on both beauty and sustainability in its design, the design duo set about re-creating an everyday object into something truly sustainable, beautifully designed and environmentally friendly. was born and ready to revolutionise the industry.

“Designing beautiful and environmentally friendly oral care is what we do. We believe that the power of change lies in the small small as a toothbrush,” explains Joshua Oates, Co-founder and CEO.

Your Forever Toothbrush have created an eco-toothbrush that people want to keep forever, still recognising that the heads have to be disposable.  By making the heads as small as possible, and from plant-based, biodegradable plastic, the environmental impact of the replacement heads is as minimal as possible.  The rest is made beautiful enough to keep for a lifetime.

All products are manufactured using sustainable or recycled materials. The beautifully slick handle is made from 100% recycled aluminium, and the interchangeable head is comprised of plant-based biodegradable materials with recyclable BPA-free Nylon bristles.

In a rather clever design twist, the minimalist toothbrush stand is made from recycled stainless-steel and can also be magnetically attached to the recycled, BPA-free toothbrush case, so you can take your set with you wherever you go.

The result realises the founders’ design dreams. Kiana Guyon, Co-founder and CCO reminds us, "We believe that great design is at the heart of our solution - so people looking for an eco-toothbrush don't have to compromise on aesthetics or ergonomics."

Subscribing to your Oral Care Future

On a final thoughtful note, there is even a solution to the eternal challenge of regularly replacing your bristles.  The replacement heads are available on a subscription service, saving money and delivered directly to your door, as frequently as you would like, ensuring your dental hygiene routine remains healthy, sustainable and in line with dental recommendations! products give you the power to change our planet’s future with every brush and are now available in Hong Kong exclusively through the ethikaal sustainable lifestyle shopping platform, committed to bringing you innovation in day-to-day sustainable solutions.

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